The Semcasting Marketing Appliance was designed to support Advertising and Marketing Professionals with marketing intelligence about their customers and prospects.  It provides the data and technology that allows the proven techniques and measureable results of direct marketing (direct mail and email) to be directly applied to the emerging online display market. Different roles in marketing will find the Marketing Appliance helpful in creating dynamic online and offline campaigns.


Profile Your Customers:   Profile IP traffic or CRM postal files, enhancing each touchpoint with extensive demographic and life stage information.

Generate Audience On-Demand:  Create custom online campaign segments using Auto-Model with a customer list or selecting geographic territories and demographics attributes – all with nearly 100% reach and enhanced accuracy.

Append Data to CRM Files: CRM Enhancement – append descriptive data to registered customer list for analytics or segmentation.

Onboarding:  Seamlessly cross-reference IP log files to the people behind the list, identify demographic characteristics that describe either the online or offline audience that matches, or onboard postal files to create Smart Zone Audiences in the form ready for an ad-network or DSP. 

Data Hygiene and Integration:  Fix your data files with the 20 specialized data management utilities that include dedupe, suppression, and change of address.